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RECAP: Rediscovering Marshall Lewis Opening Party


Opening Party for the exhibition "Rediscovering Marshall Lewis"

Location: Patrick Gallery, Cambria, California

Date; Saturday, April 6, 2019 5-8PM

April 6, 2019

Usually the Patrick Gallery is the home studio and display space for my own work.  In recent years I have held exhibitions for other artists and one group show, but these are rare occurrences and only held when especially merited.
It is with great pleasure to exhibit the works of Cambria/Los Angeles artist and architect Marshall Lewis for his first solo show on the Central Coast.  I met Marshall when doing a profile article on him for the Tribune and became fascinated by his unique artistic expression.  Marshall’s works clearly show the influence of his architectural skills, utilizing wood panels, transparent, overlapping layers of paint in geometric shapes, an exacting presentation as well as incorporating construction embellishments that support the linear narrative.  Marshall achieved recognition for his meticulous three-dimensional works during the 1960’s-70’s with exhibits in several galleries in the Los Angeles area, but his works have not been on display for many years.  For that reason alone, this is an extraordinary opportunity.
Remarkably, Marshall’s artistic approach has rarely wavered in over forty years, producing a compendium of works that show a refined evolution firmly rooted in the peak of abstract exploration in the 1970’s.  Seeing this collection spanning decades is like a glimpse into the past as it shines upon the present.

Meet the artist at the gallery opening reception on Saturday, April 6 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Hors d’oeuvres by
Indigo Moon Restaurant
Wine by
Black Hand Cellars
Artist will be present for a brief talk
Free to attend

  1. Setting up
    Setting up
  2. "Dreams in Green" would be the first painting to sell
    "Dreams in Green" would be the first painting to sell
  3. "Squares in a Square", to the left, was the second to sell
    "Squares in a Square", to the left, was the second to sell
  4. "Organic Forms, to the right, was the third painting to sell
    "Organic Forms, to the right, was the third painting to sell
  5. We also displayed some pictures of Marshall's architecture
    We also displayed some pictures of Marshall's architecture
  6. All ready for the crowd!
    All ready for the crowd!
  7. Sue's famous Crab Cakes
    Sue's famous Crab Cakes
  8. Other dishes provided by Indigo Moon
    Other dishes provided by Indigo Moon
  9. First arrivals
    First arrivals
  10. The crowd builds
    The crowd builds
  11. View from upstairs
    View from upstairs
  12. Terry, to the left, pouring wine
    Terry, to the left, pouring wine
  13. Sue and Helen (on right)
    Sue and Helen (on right)
  14. Patrick restocking the food.
    Patrick restocking the food.

RECAP: West Coast Travel Writers Demo


West Coast Travel Writers Demonstration

Location: Patrick Gallery / Working Artist Studio, Cambria

Date: April 13, 2019  1 - 3 PM

April, 2019

For the second time Patrick will be hosting a group of Travel Writers visiting the Central Coast.  These are journalists, bloggers and writers from around the world who are focusing on travel on Highway One in California.  This lead to some great coverage - world wide.



Exhibition: "The Silent Witness"

Location: Camden Image Gallery, London

Dates: February 12 - 23

Camden Image Gallery website

Stefania Carrozzini website website2 website   website2

February 25, 2019

Patrick exhibited in a group exhibition titled "THE SILENT WITNESS", curated by Stefania Carrozzini, at the Camden Image Gallery in London, England.

The exhibition project, inspired by the Icelandic documentary film "Innsaei", focuses on the idea of Nature in the contemporary. Nature, our mother earth, is conceived here in all its complexity, as a silent witness with its strength, immensity and beauty that observes us leaving us aware of our fragility with respect to it and reminding us that in the end all is one, everything belongs to the same substance of the cosmos.

It is nature today that dictates an ethics in an imperative way and it will be nature in the future that obliges us to return to our essence. How long will the earth be able to accommodate a selfish human being who thinks and acts on the basis of the laws of the market and of interest? From here depends our destiny of inhabitants of the planet. All the achievements of contemporary art cannot be separated from the comparison with nature because it represents the measure of conscience and sensitivity.

Nature, therefore, is the Silent Witness, it has a soul watching us and gives without wanting anything in return, like the sun that rises and sets every day following a cosmic harmony. Nature is sacred, and art, looking at it, can contribute to the awareness and the birth of a new planetary consciousness. "Human and Nature with the united soul will build a new world", Joseph Beuys often repeated, and this is what we hope for and this is also the spirit with which the artists worked.

The exhibition "The Silent Witness" is an international event that starts from Milan and then continues, in 2019, to New York from December 11 to December 22 and London from February 12 to February 23 2019.

Exhibiting artists included:
- Augusta Bariona
- Patrick Dennis
- Gaia Di Blasio
- Jasmin Genzel
- Elisabeth Laplante 
- Gerd Rucker
- Misa Sawairi
- Amela Cikota
- Susi Lamarca 
- Catherine Cailliau 

Camden Image Gallery
  1. Camdein Image Gallery Exterior
    Camden Image Gallery Exterior
    A Half block from the Camden Road Station
  2. Camden Image Gallery Interior
    Camden Image Gallery Interior
    Patrick's paintings are right up front.
  3. Stefania Carrozzini & Elena Chimonas
    Stefania Carrozzini & Elena Chimonas
    Stefania curated the exhibition. Elena is the gallery owner.
  4. Tony & Stefania Carrozzini
    Tony & Stefania Carrozzini
    Stefania Carrozzini, from Milan, curated this exhibition.
  5. Tony & Lisa
    Tony & Lisa
    Lisa is a client who recently commissioned a painting from Patrick.
  6. Patricks paintings
    Patricks paintings
    Patrick had three paintings at this group show: Gold Storm, Camping & Good Earth. They are priced at 1,100; 1,900 and 1,900 pounds respectively.
  7. Opening Party
    Opening Party
    The opening party was very well attended.
  8. Opening Party
    Opening Party
    A nice mix of people from collectors to artists to academics.
  9. Opening Party
    Opening Party
  10. Opening Party
    Opening Party
    Exhibiting Artists came from as far away as Japan.
  11. Opening Party
    Opening Party
  12. Misa Sawairi.  Modern Communication
    Misa Sawairi
    Misa Sawairi. Modern Communication. A view inside looking through a laser cutout of a human torso. A glimpse of the photographs on the back and the floor of the matte clear acrylic box.
  13. Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll
    Kentaro Chiba
    Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll detail
  14. Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll
    Kentaro Chiba
    Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll detail
  15. Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll
    Kentaro Chiba
    Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll detail



Exhibition: “Apotheosis of the Illuminata”

Location: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, NY

Dates: November 7 – December 6, 2018

Amsterdam Whitney website

December 6, 2018

Patrick participated in a group exhibition at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City.  There were 13 artists exhibiting in four themes:


APOTHEOSIS of the ILLUMINATA                            

FULCRUM of the FANTASTIC                                                                  ANAT ARON

OPTYX of the AESTHETICA                                                        

This exhibition was held in the Chelsea district of Manhattan directly under the “High Line” elevated park on West 25th Street known for its venerable progressive galleries.

This group exhibit showcased the works of artists employing various disciplines including oil on canvas, mixed media and ceramic. 

My paintings were hung in the entry of the gallery and garnered great attention including an interview by local media. 

The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery also submitted my images for publication including Art in America.  Gallery representation is for one year.  Director Ruthie Tucker facilitates the exhibits.

Reclaimed Land" is 36" x 36" oil on canvas with paper residue.  This painting was one of the collection exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.​​



Exhibition: “Beverly Hills ArtSHOW”

Location: Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA across four linear blocks of historic Beverly Gardens between Rodeo Drive and Rexford Drive

Dates: May and October, annually
This free juried show features art by over 245 invited fine artists from around the nation who showcase their work in painting, sculpture, watercolor, photography, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, drawing and printmaking.  The quality is always top notch and atmosphere lively, inviting and professional.
I have done this event in Spring and Fall since 2014.  The City of Beverly Hills provides an extraordinary experience for both artists and visitors.  In October, 2018 I had ten past and current clients stop by my booth to say hello and see the latest from my easel.

During the Spring 2018 show I was promoted as a “Featured Artist” in the program.  Southwest Art Magazine picked up the story and included my paintings in their April 2018 print issue.  As a result of this promotion I was contacted by a gallery in New York and London for future exhibitions and representation.


October, 2018



Exhibition: “Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival at Old Mill Park”

Location: Old Mill Park, Mill Valley, CA

Dates: September annually

September, 2018

This juried show began in 1957. After 62 continuous years it is held annually in the heart of Marin  County.  This event features over 125 invited fine artists and makers from around the nation who showcase their work in a variety of disciplines.  The quality is eclectic, but the atmosphere among the redwoods creek is unbeatable!

This event encourages public art education and showcases emerging artists and students in separated areas.

I have done this event twice.  Both times my sales were extraordinary.  At the last event I actually had two customers in a “friendly fight” over a painting!  The set up is challenging due to the hilly topography but worth every step and groan.  Lanterns are hung in the redwood trees, a band plays on a stage overlooking the creek, and visitors wander around eager to purchase.  A marvelous combination.
Last year I sold a painting to a family that lost their home in the Santa Rosa fire.  They planned to rebuild and wanted the painting as their inspiration.



V.I.P. Appreciation Party

Location: Patrick Gallery, Cambria

August 25, 2018

August 2018

“Sometimes it’s hard to find the right way to say thank you” was the message for this party to celebrate with clients with what will become an annual event.

Approximately 50 guests attended this event to re-establish direct contact with the artist and meet other collectors. 

Some guests were clients from 2016 and were interested in seeing the progression of new available works.
We set up a bar of Black Hand Winery selections, poured by owner and winemaker Tom Banish.  We also enjoyed catered appetizers created by Chef Chris from Indigo Moon restaurant.  Lively background music was provided by a Russian balalaika/accordion player Jim McKnight.